1. Bell Rock 4:28
2. Soft Spoken 3:27
3. Stay With It 4:35
4. Gentle Gubbio 3:54
5. Piano Interlude for Clare 2:11
6. Discovery 4:27
7. Compassion 4:42
8. Nepsis 5:03
9. Spiritual Renewal 3:33
10.Bliss 7:47

A Reason to Smile

Sometimes it's the simplest pleasures in life that give us reason to smile. This collection of 10 original tunes is certainly one of them. Spanning a variety of genres --from contemporary jazzto Latin to Afro-pop-- A Reason To Smile is an engaging program of joyful music that is certain to hit listeners directly in the soul.
--Ed Enright, contributor to Downbeat Magazine

Rob Ryndak,  piano, cabasa, congas
Ruben Alvarez, congas, bongos, timbales
Kal Berbendahl, electric bass
Sasha Brusin, nylon string acoustic & electric guitars
Carlos Cornier, congas
John Falstrom, electric bass
Greg Fishman, saxophone & flute
Carter Luke, Hammond B-3 organ
Jamie Martines, electric bass
Joe Saia, trumpet & flugelhorn
Andrew Sole, drums & guiro
Steve Wunder, tenor  & alto saxophone

1. Rhythmic Nature (5:17)
2. Chisel (4:35)
3. Childlike * (4:54)
4. A Wonderful Thing (4:34)
5. T.D. (7:29)
6. Quietude (7:02)
7. Chasing Dreams (6:32)
8. Purely Simple (4:34)
9. Apophatic (5:15)
10.Hard Not To Notice (6:38)
11.In My Arms * (4:29)

℗ 2013 Rob Ryndak  •  Pacific Coast Jazz (PJ72200)

In my six  recordings as a signed recording artist, I have created all original music and have recorded with the likes of Brian Lynch, Paul Wertico, Steve Cole, Ruben Alvarez, Geof Bradfield, Larry Gray, Bobby Lewis, and Jim Gailloreto.  All my recordings have received national and international air-play with the  fifth CD, A Wonderful Thing , reaching 38 on the JazzWeek chart. Recording my music is a way to document my creativity and offers me the blessed opportunity to play with so many gifted and wonderful musicians.



The songs are finely crafted, the improvisations filled with meaning and balance, and the musicianship outstanding.
--Scott Adams

 Rob Ryndak, acoustic piano, electric piano, synthesizer, and percussion
Ruben Alvarez, percussion
Vince Benedetti, trombone
Paulinho Garcia, acoustic guitar
Jim Gifford, drums
Kevin Guin, electric bass
Jim Johnson, flute
Bobby Lewis trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave Ness, electric guitar
Mike Staron, electric and acoustic bass
Steve Wunder, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, flute

℗ 1998 Rob Ryndak
Southport  (S-SSD 0050)
Released: August 1998
All arrangements and
compositions by Rob Ryndak

A Wonderful thing

As a composer it is gratifying to be really heard and understood and appreciated. I am glad I was able to share my music with all those involved in this project, especially the outstanding musicians and my loving family.                                                 --Rob Ryndak

Rob Ryndak, piano
Ruben Alvarez, auxiliary percussion
Geof Bradfield, saxophone
Sasha Brusin, guitar
Rob Calhoon, bass
Tito Carrillo, trumpet & flugelhorn
Victor Gonzalez, Jr., congas
Rob Kassinger, bass
Art Sherrod, Jr., saxophone
Andrew Sole, drums

All compositions by Rob Ryndak (ASCAP)* Harold Mims arranged "Childlike" and strings on "In My Arms"      

Stay With It

Stay With It is meditative in its glowing, comforting arrangements and ultimately uplifting in execution and theme.
--Hilarie S. Grey, JazzTimes®

Rob Ryndak, acoustic & electric piano, guiro
Steve Cole, saxophone
Amir Elsaffar, trumpet
Jim Gailloreto, saxophone & flute
Larry Gray, cello & electric bass
Bobby Lewis, trumpet & flugelhorn
John Moulder, electric  & acoustic nylon guitar
Gary Norian, synth (programming & arrangement  for track 1)
Richard Patterson, electric bass
Alejo Poveda, congas, jam block, chines, bongos, afuche cabasa, triangle, shakers, bell tree
Paul Wertico, drums.


1. A Reason to Smile 3:49
2. Lea's Joy 5:42
3. Jadey * 5:18
4. The Gift of Courage 4:52
5. Larimar 5:14
6. Blues for Emily 5:57
7. E.R. 5:36
8. Clare's Arrival 5:07
9. Just Live 4:05
10. Paradoxes 4:42
* arrangement is by Kal Bergendahl

New Release:


As Gratitude is a colorful mosaic of cultural sounds and world rhythms the perfect blend of jazz, swing, pop, and a splash of funk. Rob Ryndak and Tom Lockwood have brought more than their extraordinary musical talents to bear; they have put their hearts and souls into the collaboration. About the title, Ryndak says, Life is about dealing with joys and sorrows, the ups and downs. Too often, we don't appreciate our lives, especially during difficult times. We need to understand that it's all about learning and growing, approaching things with a positive attitude, the glass-is-half-full mindset. Tom and I both understand that we have everything to be thankful for in our lives. Gratitude is the perfect expression of those sentiments. To bring their vision to life, Ryndak and Lockwood assembled an incredibly talented crew of musicians. Featuring: Grammy Award winner and trumpet master Brian Lynch.  

On this recording Rob and Tom are joined by Sasha Brusin – guitars, Karl EH Seigfried – bass, Victor Gonzalez Jr. – percussion, Micah Rutschman – vibraphone, Ryan Koranda – cello, Jeff Mohle – drums, Steve Talaga – piano, and special guest Brian Lynch – trumpet.

1.Equilibrium (Ryndak)
2. Whatever Happens (Lockwood)
3. Just As They Are (Ryndak)
4. Jackie McFunk (Lockwood)
5. Hermitage (Ryndak)
6. Two Against (Lockwood)
7. Gratitude (Ryndak)
8. So Little Time (Lockwood)
9. Interior Silence (Ryndak)
10. I'd Rather Die (Lockwood)
11. Dwelling In The Present (Ryndak)
12. Jardin á Giverny (Lockwood)

  • Playing With Angels2:12
  • Stay With It11:51
  • Paradoxes2:13
  • Boundless1:47
  • Bliss21:38
  • Spiritual Renewal2:29
  • T.D.7:29
  • Chisel4:35

1. Bouncing Back (4:47)
2. Down and Dirty (6:46)
3. Hierophany (4:47)
4. Rachel Ann (3:45)
5. Ojos Cafes Hermosos (3:30)
6. A Dance in the Park (6:07)
7. Boundless (3:56)
8. Jade (5:09)
9. When It All Comes Together (4:14)
10.Rain Forest (3:58)
11.Miami Getaway (5:45)
12.Sable (3:14)

Moving Forward

Composer/pianist Rob Ryndak has put together an engaging collection of compositions that sounds ripe for radio play. His melodies tug at your ear while the grooves push at your feet. --Dave Helland

Rob Ryndak, piano, keyboards, and bongos • Fred Blacksmith, drums

Steve Eisen, tenor sax & flute •John Falstrom, bass

Dave Francis, percussion •Larry Gray, cello

Bobby Lewis, flugelhorn

Mark Randolph, guitar

Judy Stone, cello

℗ 1995 Rob Ryndak Southport (S-SSD 0036) Released: February 1996

All arrangements and compositions by Rob Ryndak

1. Ostinato * (0:30)

2. Curato: A Piece Full of Quarters (4:43)

3. Playing With Angels (4:09)

4. Whenever I Think of You (3:19)

5. Funky Fun (7:41)

6. Patty Sue in Blue (5:18)

7. Creek Haven Blues (3:27)

8. Dancing in the Air (4:02)

9. Flute Solo * (0:41)

10. Moving Forward (9:12)

11. Interlude (1:19)

12. Abbey (6:50)

13. Barb (4:42)

14. Reprise * (0:36) * from Dancing in the Air